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MAX Schneider - Lights Down Low (Wedding film)

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Sam Tsui & Casey Breves - This Promise (Wedding Film)


The Wedding Film of Ian & Hannah Hernandez



Collective Films Weddings specializes in bringing a cinematic and beautiful experience to the most special day of your life.

Every step of the way, we are for you, with you and it is our goal to create a visual masterpiece that you can watch and re-live your wedding all over again. We aspire to hear your story and would be honored to be a part of your journey. Our favorite weddings to be a part of involve the couples being passionate about bringing a specific and unique vision to life. We are always inspired by couples who want their wedding to be different and special in it's own way and take the extra steps to make it happen. We are confident that we can assist in every way to capture the hard work, love, and effort that you have worked so hard to create on your wedding day. We are traveling, full-time filmmakers and are always so excited about destination weddings all around the world. We would love to hear all about you, your vision, and create the perfect package for you. From our resources, experience, and equipment, we can capture the most luxurious and glamorous wedding to the most simple, elegant, and intimate ones. Contact us below and tell us your story so that we can begin putting together a wedding film package just for you.