Collective Films & Co. is a full service video production company that specializes in music videos, weddings, commercials, narrative, events, and everything in between. Our services include creative direction, pre-production, cinematography, post-production, visual effects, and color grading. We also specialize in social media with additional focuses on graphic designs and motion graphics.



At the beginning of her career, Morgan started out in front of the camera on her YouTube channels before realizing how much she loved being behind the scenes and being involved in every part of the creative process. Over the last few years, the skills she acquired continued to grow as she constantly strived to learn and perfect new things. The relationships between other filmmakers and access to the Internet were the only tools needed for her to obtain extensive knowledge in cinematography, steadicam operation, lighting, editing, color grading, audio production, and design. Her first goal was to practice each skill until she was capable of creating an entire production from start to finish. Her goal today is to continue to grow, learn, and develop those skills. She loves to work collaboratively with other creative individuals on all different types of projects. She has also always had a passion for YouTube and it's entire community. She continues to be involved not only on her channels, but also by participating in related events. In addition to her production skills, she also enjoys creative writing and playing multiple instruments. But when she's not putting her creative gears to use, she spends her free time obsessing over her dog and playing video games.



Even at a young age, everyone who encountered Summer saw that she was a creative mind and a young spirit. From the time she was old enough to walk, she began her career as a dancer. She danced competitively for the first 16 years of her life before deciding to put her creative juices elsewhere. Cinematography, editing, coordinating, set design, graphic design, and writing treatments are just a few of the skills she obtained and found love for in just a short time. She now spends her time continuing to improve, learn, and master those skills. While Morgan is naturally more of the technical side, it's more in Summer's nature to constantly help bring creative and unique ideas to the team. Her efforts truly shine in so many aspects of a project. Not only does she spend ample time being creative during pre-production, but the ideas still keep flowing on set and in post production. When the two of them start to play off of each others ideas, and combine all of their skills, the results are explosive.  When Summer isn't behind the camera or in front of the computer, she loves to spend her time involving anything with movies, animals, and all things Disney.


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